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Instituted in 1973 under the initiative of EMS Namboodiripad, Chintha Publishers have published more than 2,000 titles covering different areas of our socio-political commitment. Till the extinction of his life, EMS continued to be the preceptor who had Chintha answer the challenges that stood its way. Chintha Publishers have strongly established its parallelling presence in the publishing field, publishing works that help fulfill the socio-political goals of the millions who long for a better world. We have stood helping the voiceless voice themselves. We have fought for the marginalised having them to assert themselves in the mainstream.

Now book-publishing has become an area of unhealthy competition where multinationals and other profit-hungry private groups try to trap people fall prey to their untoward profit mongering schemes. Hence, we are up against the task of upholding progressive ideals in the fast changing scenario.

We set ourselves open, to break into the emerging challenges, bringing everything human under our new publishing schemes. ‘Professionalism meets commitment’ is all what we claim. Our publishing schemes aim at bringing about a ‘paradigm shift in the sensibility and perspective of the readership. We also aim at strengthening the secular and progressive basement of the political culture of the state.

Over the 36 year long run we have published novels, stories, poems, plays, children’s literature, screen-plays and translation of world classics in addition to cultural, philosophical and political writings.