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Kerala’s Crisis - What can YOU do to help?

In the state of Kerala, popularly referred to  as ‘God’s Own Country’, the gravest catastrophe it has ever had to face is rapidly unfolding. The monsoons in Kerala worsened in the month of August and has resulted in grave consequences.The calamity that has struck has caused violent flooding through most parts of the state. The second worst flood to have affected Kerala since 1924, several people have lost their lives and homes have been destroyed, triggering panic all across the world. 

Starting August 8th, rain in Kerala turned rampant claiming the lives of over 90 victims, with a total death toll of approximately 200 since the start of the monsoon season. Out of 14 districts, red alert has been declared on 13 districts in Kerala as of August 17th, 2018. As a result, the occurrences of more than 211 terrifying landslides in different parts of the State has been reported. 33 dams out of 35 have been opened in the state. 2,80,000 hectares  agricultural land has been lost and over 1,80,000 farmers have been brutally affected by the aggressive floods that has taken over Kerala. 4000 transformers and 17 substations have been cut off as an effort to avoid accidents. 10,000 kilometers of roads have been heavily impacted by the floods and more than 20,000 houses wrecked. 

In a horrifying situation like this, the State Government of Kerala along with it’s people have tried their maximum to help the suffering victims. A tremendous effort taken by the Southern Naval Command at Kochi as part of the Indian Navy’s “Operation Madad’ has helped rescue people from the landslide and flood ridden areas of Kerala. 21 rescue and diving teams with Gemini boats were allocated at different areas of the flooded areas. Over 80 people were rescued as of August 15, 2018. The District Collectors of Ernakulam, Kannur and Idukki have transmitted information and seeked help from the public by efficiently making use of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 

 Standing together, the need to overcome this alarming situation as a community has kicked in for the people of Kerala. As part of the many ways in which the Government of Kerala aims to resolve this and to control further damage, a source through which new information can be acquired has been established. is an initiative by the Government of Kerala for effective collaboration between authorities, volunteers and public to help people to acquire information and seek help.This initiative is the Chief Minister’s wholehearted effort to help those in need.The website offers details and registers all the requests that people make, related to the relief requirements. One can register themselves as a volunteer or contribute to the CM’S Relief Fund through this site. The website makes constant updates regarding the items required and various collection points on a district level. The website has helped the formation of many social media groups that are taking action towards helping people receive materials and organising its collection.  

Flood Kerala 2018

The Chief Minister of Kerala, Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan’s sincere attempts to conceptualise the ways in which the repercussions can be curbed and understanding the consequences of this major calamity has stressed the need for more funds. A frightening situation, the aftermath of the floods are currently being monitored. An analysis of the preliminary estimate shows a loss of at least 8000 crores (and growing). The velocity at which the condition is getting worse is tremendous. A number alone does not define the impact of what has been lost. As our CM fervently pleads to all the people in the world to contribute towards the Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund, the necessity of why this needs to be focused on arises. In time of difficulties, Malayalis stand united, supporting their Government’s efforts to improve their conditions. At the dawn of what would have been a time of festivity for Kerala, the harvest season has changed course for the worse. Rehabilitating people, restoring life and remaking what has been lost has become the greatest concern for the Government as well as the people of Kerala. The need of the hour is financial support. Contributions are being invited from all over the globe for no amount is too small. Join hands with the Chief Minister and rebuild lives. #Stand_With_Kerala


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