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Legendary writer O V Vijayan’s ‘Khasakkinte Ithihasam’ has been enchanting readers for nearly half a century by leading them through the mysterious terrain of Thasrak, the setting of his celebrated work.As the writer’s 13th death anniversary looms large, one of his devoted fans, professional photographer D Manoj, is helping fellow readers take a trip down memory lane.

Manoj takes the readers into the illusory world of Thasrak through his photographic journey, which has culminated in a photo album titled ‘Karmaparamparayile Kannikal’.Chintha Publishers came forward to help him realise his dream project.Trying to recapture each and every moment that Vijayan depicted in his legendary work, Manoj clicked more than 3,000 photographs. Later, he embarked on the challenging task of selecting less than 100 for the album.

As author Asha Menon says in the foreword, only when a photographer identifies himself with a visual that he can reach into its soul. Manoj’s pictures are not abstract, even though it is the photographic representation of the scorching sun, moonlight or snow. In the process, the photographer transforms himself into an artist, he says.In his efforts to recreate Thasrak, Manoj made several trips between his pictures and the images in Khasak. He has also been able to depict Thasrak not only as a space but also as time, he says.

“One of the interesting features of his work is that he could depict the different phases of a the day like pre-dawn hours, noon, dusk and twilight. Interestingly, he has not bothered to bring representations of Kuppuvachan, Mollakka, Khaliar, Abida, Maimuna or Kunhamina. But it is certain that the viewer will remember them while enjoying the beauty of certain pictures,” he says.

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