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School PlusSchool plus book release


C Ravindranath, (Hon'ble Minister of Education)

Government Higher Secondary School, Thonnakkal

July 17, 18, 1977

At 18 noon at 1.30 pm, Government Higher Secondary School, Thonnakkal

Special discount for school plus ( 10 books)  worth Rs 785, at Rs 500


Date: 18.07.2018

Government Higher Secondary School, Auditorium, Thonnakkal


Time: 10.30 am

Topic: Positive Parenting

C Karthikeyan

(State Program Officer, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Kerala (retd.)

Book release

Time: noon 1.30

Welcome: Smt. H Jayashree (Principal)

Chairman: Shri. V Sasi (Deputy Speaker)

Book publishing: C Ravindranath, B. Minister for Education in Kerala

Book Intro: Shri. K Sivakumar (General Manager, Think Publishers)


Shri. Madhu (panchayat president)

Smt. S. Radha Devi (District Panchayat Member)

Adv. M Yasir (Block Vice President)

Smt. MS Udayakumari (ward member)

Shri. V Rajendran Nair (SMC Chairman)

Shri. G Sayaakumar (PTA President)

Shri. V. Muraleedharan Nair (Chairman, School Care Conservation Committee)

Thanks: Smt. A Raziabebi (headmistress)

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