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Educational systems and curriculums in Kerala are characterised by multiple subjects for classes ranging from Primary school to High School. To develop an interest towards these subjects and to motivate children to comprehend what they study, Chintha Publishers School Plus series, a new endeavour, presents a wide variety of books that aims to make the process of studying simple and fun for children, while maintaining the fabric of the subject. The formulation of the School Plus series has been grounded on the vital objective of providing clarity to students.

School Plus is a unique section that was designed based on suggestions by teachers and books that are currently unavailable which would help enhance a child’s knowledge in a particular subject. Out of these titles of the various book suggestions, 10 books were picked to be displayed under the School Plus category based on high priority. These books have been written by teachers, pioneers of Children’s Literature, curriculum experts and language specialists. Chintha Publishers identifies the importance of choosing a language that children are most comfortable with to facilitate them to embrace their daily life experiences and to be able to understand better. These books have been outlined centered on subjects like Botany, Zoology, Reading, Physics, Sociology, Maths and other subjects.

We firmly believe that through reading these books, a child’s progress is not limited to development on an academic level, but also as a personal level as an individual.