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Safety tips to keep in mind during the floods

Submitted by admin on Fri, 08/17/2018 - 18:23

Important Safety Tips to stay safe during floods. 

The unprecedented rains in Kerala has caused a great deal of devastation to its people. 10 districts out of 14 have been severely affected by the flooding. This situation calls for the attention of all the residents of Kerala as the consequences of this occurrence has been terrifying. The effects of the floods are experienced not only by the direct victims, but also by those who are exposed to it. Malayalis across the world have been deeply affected by the crisis that the flood has brought along. Government of Kerala’s priceless efforts towards bring life back to normalcy has played a pivotal role in relieving many people from their misery. In the light of what has struck Kerala, staying prepared is the most responsible choice. Here are a few safety tips to keep yourself, your family and your friends safe:

Here are a few safety tips to keep yourself, your family and your friends safe:

  1. Health and safety of our people is our top priority.  Properties and houses are replaceable, human lives are not.

  2. Families should try and stay together during times of trouble and hardships .

  1. Special care and attention should be given to children. They might not necessarily voice their inner turmoil and fears. Do not separate children from their parents during these times of disaster. Carefully explain to children what is happening around them while still reassuring them of their safety.

  2. Wounds are not necessarily the physical ones we can see-  trauma can be to the mind as well. Problems should be openly discussed. This will help in resolving the issues at hand to a large extent and lighten our burden. It will also prompt others to open up about their issues too.

  3. Food and rest is a necessity for everyone. Including and more importantly  for those who are involved in the search and rescue operations. Those who are actively involved in the relief and rescue operations should ensure that they are not overburdened and stressed. Tense situations like these build stress. Those affected by stress must seek help from trained professionals or at least from the co-ordinator if help counsellors not available at hand.

  4. Frequent washing of hands with soap will help in minimizing to a great extent germ borne diseases. Drink boiled and filtered water.

  5. Do not let your children play in the flooded waters.

  6. Above all, be patient. Volunteers and rescue workers are doing their best with available resources at hand. By working together, we can overcome.

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